Rogue Festival

From the Festival organizers: 


The Rogue Performance Festival of Fresno, California celebrates Independent Performance and Art. This annual non-curated, non-juried fringe-style festival showcases a variety of disciplines including theatre, dance, music, puppetry, storytelling, spoken word, visual art and film. Rogue is by design artist friendly; 100 percent of the box-office fees go to the performers. Rogue is also audience friendly; there is something for everyone, and most tickets are $5 – $10.


ALL PERFORMANCES BEGIN ON TIME! Some shows allow latecomers (up to 15 minutes into the show) and some do not. This information is listed in the Rogue Program. Plan to arrive early. All performances are general admission seating.


Ticket to the Rogue Festival: The Writstband

First, get a Rogue Wristband. The Wristband is a one-time purchase, good for the entire run of this year’s Rogue Festival and is your ticket to the entire Rogue Festival. It costs $3. You can buy them online or at the door of your first Rogue show. After that, just show the ticket-takers your wristband when you arrive.

Tickets to individual shows: 

Buy in Advance Online: Rogue Festival makes half of the seats for each show available for advance purchase online. This gives audiences a chance to guarantee a seat at a show they fear will sell-out. Tickets are available through

Buy at the Door: If you’re a more spontaneous sort, you can purchase with cash/credit card at the venue for each show beginning 30 minutes prior to showtime. If the show is a popular one, though, we recommend you get there early!

All ticket sales are final.

*ROGUE PROGRAM (often called the Rogue Map):

The Rogue Map is the program for the entire festival, listing the shows, the artists, their times, venues and ticket prices. It also includes a map of the venues around the Tower District. Hard copies of the Rogue Map are available at various Tower District locations like the Tower Theater Box Office and Livingstone’s Restaurant. There is also a PDF version available for download at the Rogue website. The Rogue Map is typically available one week prior to the Festival for your perusal.

TIP: Many people use the Rogue Map to decide what shows they are interested in seeing. Then they use the grid to plot out which of those shows they can see on which days and times. (Then they plan for a meal and a drink at one of the Tower District’s many great restaurants.)

The Rogue Website is located at