Bullshit is My Native Language

Another sold out run at 2016 Rogue Festival:


bullshit is my native language photoWhat’s the secret power that rules the world? Marketing! Jaguar Bennett, Fresno’s most offensive comedian (and real-life marketing professional) reveals how truth is manufactured, advertisers implanted what you think are your core beliefs, and corporate brainwashing will create world peace in this hilarious, thought-provoking, and maddening comic exposé of the marketing industry.


“Bennett delivered a compelling, hilarious, and intricately-traced lineage of marketing, and how it controls the American population way more than we think.” – Marc Gonzales, Road to 1,000

“To call this production thought-provoking is an understatement. It’s more like thought-scrambling. It is part truth and part the stretching of it. And boy, is it ever a hoot!” -Mallory Moad, Rogue Reviews 2016 Kings River Life

“All in all, the most rehearsed, best produced show I’ve seen so far at the Rogue and a must-see. Oh, it’s pretty funny, too.” -Josh Tehee, Fresno Bee