How to Be Wicked: The Easy Course for Beginners!


The sold-out hit from Fresno’s Rogue Performance Festival.

Everything you think you know about morality is wrong, says Jaguar Bennett, Fresno’s most offensive comedian. Trying to do good simply makes you an annoyance to others, but doing evil will bring you long-lasting satisfaction, happiness, and love. Let Jaguar show you the path to success through this simple (and hilarious) lesson in How to Be Wicked. It’s like studying Nietzsche, but in easy-to-understand comedy form!

Caution! This show is adults only, because your children’s innocence will be permanently annihilated by the radiating corruption and evil that is Jaguar Bennett. Plus, there may be dirty jokes.

What People are Saying about HOW TO BE WICKED

How to Be Wicked Full Press Release

Performance History:

Zombie Joe’s Underground Fringe. June, 2015. North Hollywood, CA.

Rogue Performance Festival. March, 2015. Fresno, CA.

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