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How to Be Wicked: An Easy Course for Beginners. (2015)

ZOMBIE JOE’S UNDERGROUND FRINGE: How to Be Wicked played Zombie Joe’s mini-fringe in North Hollywood in June 2015.

BITTER LEMONS review by Jason Roher: (Full text here)

“For this monologue, which is more expertly written and performed than most I’ve seen at the rival Hollywood Fringe this year, we have to thank the thriving arts scene of Fresno … As comic entertainment, it’s consistently clever and frequently laugh-out-loud funny. And as theatrical polemic, it’s gold.”


How to Be Wicked sold out all four of its principal shows at the 2015 Rogue Performance Festival, and added two not-so-secret-shows which played to full houses.

Rogue Festival 2015 Audience Comments and Reviews:

Jaguar sold out opening“Machiavelli was naïve, Hitler lacked ambition, and terrorists are short on style compared to Jaguar.

He is a cuddly version of Uncle Fester from The Addams Family, his eyes darting around until he zeroes in on a victim to skewer with his rapier wit. He comes across as a genial sociopath, an agent provocateur for The Dark Side. He is crude, vile, foul, vulgar, and strangely persuasive. . . You may never be able to say ‘I take a principled stand’ again.”

Terrance McArthur, Rogue Reviews

“My partner and I stumbled upon the “not-so-secret” show Sunday night (3/1) of Jaguar Bennett – How To Be Wicked and I must say – what a wicked way to draw us in. Thinking we were going to see the Chicago Improv Showcase, only to be conned into seeing the Wicked Seminar? Well played, Jaguar. Touché.

I must say the surprise show, however, was definitely worth our while. Dare I say it was wickedly hilarious? Puns aside – Jaguar has great delivery, plays well with the audience and sarcastically engaging. Definitely worth my time and our $5. I’d say he’s worth more… but that’d be too nice… and let’s face it, I’m starting to learn how to be wicked.”

-Carlos, Rogue Festival audience reviews 3/2/15

Great audience at the Not-So-Secret Show! #jagwicked #roguefestival

Great audience at the Not-So-Secret Show! #jagwicked #roguefestival

“On ‘How To Be Wicked’: Only attend Jaguar Bennett’s show if you have a highly-attuned sense of irony. But, if you do have that — and a sense of humor about yourself — I HIGHLY recommend “How To Be Wicked”! It will make you laugh your ass off, and perhaps even challenge some of your deeply-held beliefs in the process. Jaguar Bennett is a polished orator with a well-thought-out presentation that will knock your socks off. This show is a must-see!”

-Nate Butler, Rogue Festival audience reviews 3/2/15

“Jaguar Bennett’s ‘How to be wicked’ is an eye-opening look at good and evil. If you want an honest take on wickedness and why it is for you, Jaguar is your man! I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and I totally am convinced!”

-Teresa, Rogue Festival audience reviews 3/6/15

SRO at How to Be Wicked #jagwicked #roguefestival

SRO at How to Be Wicked #jagwicked #roguefestival

“Thanks to the wonders of cryogenics, Marquis de Sade and Ayn Rand had a love child named Jaguar Bennett. I chortled uncomfortably while pondering the possibilities of my new life as Emperor.

The only thing missing was a display of ‘How To’ CD’s for which the price would rise each time he alluded to them … and believe me, you will pay.”

Neophyte, Rogue Festival audience reviews 3/5/15

“Just completed my first seminar in How to Be Wicked, led by the infamous Jaguar Bennett. Jealous? Not to fret. He’s running many more slots during the Rogue Festival. Go, listen, and be freed! ‪#‎jagwicked‬

-James Walton, via Facebook

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