Sold out Run at the 2018 Rogue Festival


What really goes on in men’s minds? And why is it so disgusting? Why are men such pigs? Can men be redeemed? And how? Comedian/sex traitor Jaguar Bennett spills the secrets of the fouler sex in a hilarious expose that may even make you like men again.

From the Fresno Bee Preview of “Mansplaining”

“The idea for the show exploring the inner working on the male mind had been on the back burner for several years, Bennett says. It was born out of conversations with his wife in which she would want to know why men do certain things.

She would ask and he would tell her, honest as he could.

“She would be appalled,” he says.

Then the Weinstein story broke. 

Then the #MeToo movement happened and all the other show ideas he had just didn’t seem worthy of the times.”


Mansplaining is by far my favorite of Jaguar Bennett’s shows, and I’ve seen his performances for the past 4 or 5 years. It is timely, hilarious, raunchy commentary with a twist. It’s the best kind of humor – the messy and not so fun stuff that comes from real life but from a Rogue perspective. Of course, he had a ton of openings for jokes this year, just from the news! Great job, Jaguar, loved the script, loved the delivery. I think you are going to need a bigger venue though! We went to his first show, and it sold out so get there early folks! – Rogue Festival audience member Shasta Williams


“In the hands of someone less skilled and more vulgar, Mansplaining would have been a litany of excuses and blame but that isn’t how Jaguar operates. True, the language is a little on the blue side at times, but not for shock value or a cheap laugh. His style is more reminiscent of intelligent artists like George Carlin and Lenny Bruce than the loud-mouthed late-night cable TV comics who are a dime a dozen. Words are chosen carefully, statements often backed up by facts (real ones, not alternative). It’s this connection to truth that drives the humor and delivers the laughs.” – Mallory Moad, Kings River Life review.