Start Your Own Religious Cult for Fun and Profit

jaguar_bennnett_religious_cult_for_webAre you busting your hump, slaving and struggling to take your career to “the next level”? There’s an easy way to take your career to the highest level … the DIVINE LEVEL! Yes, you could be making the big bucks as a RELIGIOUS CULT LEADER!

If you’ve ever sat disgusted in a pew thinking “I could do this” … if you’ve ever thought that you may have a HEAVENLY SPARK OF GOD WISDOM or could be a REVERED SUPREME ASCENDED MASTER … if you’ve ever wanted to secure your financial future in the EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE … if you’ve ever wanted to have ABSOLUTE POWER over the lives of a few followers … or a few million … then you’re ready for an exciting new career in the growth industry of the 21st century …. RELIGION!

You can START YOUR OWN RELIGIOUS CULT TODAY in the privacy of your own home … with no capital outlay … and with no prior training! Sign up now for this EXCLUSIVE training seminar and start your slave army today!

Start Your Own Religious Cult for Fun and Profit premiered at the Rogue Festival 2017 in Fresno, California where it sold it out its run.

Rogue Review: Jaguar Bennett’s religious parody is hilarious, groan-inducing fun – Josh Tehee, The Fresno Bee