The Agony of Living

The Agony of Living

Comedy at Fresno’s Rogue Performance Festival, 2014.

Fresno’s most ofjagfensive comedian returns to the Rogue Festival to tackle the big questions: birth, death, and how to kill the interminably dull yet terrifyingly brief time in between. “The Agony of Living” will hit such hilarious subjects like failure, death, and the misery of life. Since living is agony, let’s distract ourselves from the horror of impending death and laugh at despair!

This is an adults-only show, both for the extreme existential crisis you’ll experience after plumbing the limitless depths of Jaguar’s pessimism and for the vile and corrupting filth that spews from his disgusting mouth. Don’t miss it!




“He goes through many stories, most being loosely based on his own life and feelings, and most with feelings many of us can relate to. Life can be very hard. But in this show as he shares his pain, he makes it funny. Not only do we laugh at his jokes, but we laugh with him as we see things from our own lives in his stories…. there is quite a bit of sexual content, crude jokes and language…”

Lorie Lewis-Ham. Rogue Reviews 2014


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