Smiley G Comedy Night at La Maison Kabob in Downtown Fresno


Jaguar is a Liar: What I Saw During the Fight for the Tower Theatre

What makes a drunk get off his barstool and fight? A threat to the bars! Comedian and reluctant activist Jaguar Bennett presents a comic true account of the struggle to defend Fresno’s Tower District from a predatory church. From facing down Proud Boys to becoming a hate object for illiterates, Jaguar has been on the front lines of the fight to keep the Tower District a sanctimony-free safe space for drunks, punks, queers, artists, freethinkers, rebels and nonconformists. In a hilarious stand-up routine that will entertain, enlighten and enrage, Jaguar lucidly explains the legal and political issues behind the fight to save the Tower Theatre … and why a neighborhood dispute about commercial zoning raises a fundamental question about American democracy: Can a church break the law with impunity?



SAT MAR 5 – FRI MAR 11, 2022

Veni Vidi Vici Patio. 
1116 N Fulton St
Fresno, CA 93728
Entrance around back (off of Alhambra St.)

Quotes from Jaguar’s Ego File:

Jaguar and Heather Save Your Marriage: “Boxing is a sport. Comedy is a sport. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen comedy play out like a boxing match. Fancy footwork, quick jabs, clenches, punches to the face and serious body blows—all in the name of comedy—and it works—really like nothing I’ve seen before. This is a show that goes to uncomfortable places where rich veins of humor lie buried for enterprising miners. I’ve seen all of Jaguar’s other Rogue shows, but he’s upped his game this year by bringing in his wife, heather, who goes toe to toe and holds her own most of the time, and bests him at others. Heather and Jaguar have created a great show.” —Victor DesRoches

Jaguar Saves America: “”Being ticked off has never been so enjoyable … No one is safe from his comic skewering, not Democrats, Republicans, the middle class, upper class, lower class, women, the educated, the uneducated or the Commander-In-Chief himself (which prompted audience members to walk out of the first two shows) …. His advice about how to heal our broken nation rings as true as his comments about the purpose of the American flag. While I recommend Jaguar Saves America, if you are easily offended by open criticism of what you may hold sacred, there are other options in the Rogue Festival that will be more to your liking.” – Mallory Moad, Kings River Life Rogue Reviews, 2019.

Mansplaining: “In the hands of someone less skilled and more vulgar, Mansplaining would have been a litany of excuses and blame but that isn’t how Jaguar operates. True, the language is a little on the blue side at times, but not for shock value or a cheap laugh. His style is more reminiscent of intelligent artists like George Carlin and Lenny Bruce  . . .  Words are chosen carefully, statements often backed up by facts (real ones, not alternative). It’s this connection to truth that drives the humor and delivers the laughs.” – Mallory Moad, Kings River Life Rogue Reviews, 2018.

How to Start a Religious Cult for Fun and Profit: “Comedy is packed dense into almost every bit of the show, to the point where even the erudite moments (and there are a few) come off as laugh worthy.” -Joshua Tehee, Fresno Bee

How to Be Wicked: “For this monologue, which is more expertly written and performed than most I’ve seen at the rival Hollywood Fringe this year, we have to thank the thriving arts scene of Fresno … As comic entertainment, it’s consistently clever and frequently laugh-out-loud funny. And as theatrical polemic, it’s gold.” – Jason Roher, Bitter Lemons

Bullshit is My Native Language: “To call this production thought-provoking is an understatement. It’s more like thought-scrambling. It is part truth and part the stretching of it. And boy, is it ever a hoot!” -Mallory Moad, Rogue Reviews 2016 Kings River Life

Comments? Complaints? Outrage? Threats of violence? Vent your bile to the world with social media! Jaguar is on twitter and facebook.  (Or just leave a comment below.)

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